E-commerce Enabler: Externalise your e-commerce team and focus on your core business!


E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world with over $ 3.5 Trillion in retail in the year 2019. An increasing number of businesses are turning towards e-commerce to boost their sales and ensure a digital presence for their brands.

But how can they manage their stock, develop an efficient delivery system to their customers, and preserve their brand image? 

This is the role of an e-commerce enabler.


What is an e-commerce enabler?

An e-commerce enabler is a one-stop online service provider that allows your brand to connect to all the marketplaces, social media, own website, and helps it externalize all the value chains of e-commerce. The e-commerce enabler will take care of storing and delivering products, managing orders, and stocks and will work on acquiring and retaining new customers.

Moreover, it will work with its clients and e-commerce partners (marketplace, 3PL, payment gateways, etc.) to increase Gross Merchandise Value by optimizing digital channels. It does this by executing on behalf of the brand a strong digital strategy while looking for opportunities and efficient means to boost sales and visibility towards its target.


What are the key benefits of an e-commerce enabler?

Assigning your business’s e-commerce has several short and long term benefits:

  • E-Store Management

E-commerce enablers handle brand operations daily. It focuses on building a brand image as well as boosting its sales up. It also makes sure the brand is constantly present online.

  • Product Management

Enabler manages the entire listing and pricing of the products keeping a constant check on promos by engaging closely with other online platforms. 

  • Order Shipment

It reduces the order processing time by quick response and delivery. E-commerce enablers possess their warehouses to cut short the order fulfillment process hence accelerating the delivery time and increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Customer Support

The e-commerce enabler has a team of experts focused on this service.

A professional objective-focused team will build trust and satisfaction among the customers and hence aids in enhancing your brand image.

  • Reports

To improve business performance, regular reports are needed to check its status and make the necessary improvements to allow major growth and visibility of the complete range of products.

A skilled e-commerce enabler will make the right adjustments to boost sales according to the selling channel and to the main target.

  • Digital Ads

The enablers have technical experts who not only consider account and marketing management but also focus on demography and interests while creating such ads, which can play a role in speeding the e-commerce success and boosting its notoriety.


But why is it advantageous for big companies to cooperate with e-commerce enablers?

On one hand to focus on what they do best: produce quality products and sell to as many customers as possible. 

On the other hand, calling on an e-commerce enabler will most likely give additional expertise allowing the company to optimize the use of the budget allocated to the execution of its digital strategy, generate more earnings from sales and make savings as it will reach customers through more efficient and less expensive tactics.

Moreover, while working with distributors may not go towards the same objectives or even be harmful to the brand’s name, an e-commerce enabler will be aligned with brand principal interest making it feel like having a team inside the company focused on its online operations.



E-commerce enablers are gaining ground in the field of e-commerce being lesser expensive solutions for the development of your online business which aligns with the main objective of your brand and generates an important return on investment in a short amount of time.

It also allows you to constantly improve your offer based on a detailed analysis of business reports making it easier to generate more profit and further enhance your brand image.

It gives 24/7 customer support and bridges the communication gap. The enablers provide seamless operation.